How can i make a banana cake recipe without butter?

You can make just about any variety of banana bread, since you're just substituting butter for vegetable oil. For example, you can create butter-free versions of banana bread with chocolate chips, banana bread with blueberries, banana bread, and more. If you like nuts, you might want to prepare our recipe for banana and pecan bread. It's also a banana bread without butter.

This simple banana cake comes out light and moist. It has only four ingredients and contains no eggs, butter, oil or milk. The dough can be easily mixed by hand, so you don't even need a mixer. This cake works great as a snack or dessert.

It is combined with a light cream cheese frosting. This banana cake is made with oil and without butter, milk or buttermilk, so it's dairy-free. You can make the recipe simple and it will be delicious, but I love adding chocolate chips and nuts for an even better flavor. No one will guess, but this cake is naturally sweetened with honey or maple syrup and is made entirely with whole wheat flour.

So it's more nutritionally nutritious than a regular banana cake, although I'm not sure anything qualifies as “healthy” once it's covered with a cream cheese frosting. I use frozen bananas in banana bread and banana muffins with no problem, but the lack of eggs and so on in this cake may require the use of bananas that still have a firm texture. Then I looked back at the banana bread recipe (which requires a 9×5 pan) and realized that the amount of bananas and flour used is the same in both recipes. In addition, do I need to line the mold with baking paper and grease it too, since I will have to take the cake out of the mold in the end to make it a birthday cake? I used a 9×9 pan as indicated in the recipe, and my cake rose well, but it was flatter than a typical cake usually is.

I love this cake so much that it left the chocolate cake from my favorite local bakery in second place. I tried so many other recipes and failed and this was by far the easiest, tastiest, healthiest and most fluffy recipe. Your 4-ingredient banana cake recipe skipped a step. When do you add 1 cup of water? The instructions don't even mention adding 1 cup of water.

Some recipes call for both baking powder and baking soda when the carbon dioxide created by the acid and baking soda isn't enough to ferment the volume of the recipe dough. Sugar powder is often used in recipes for delicate baked goods such as meringues, souffles and biscuits. It took me several tries to get it right, but today I present to you the best banana cake on the Internet. Double the recipe and divide the dough between two 9-inch round cake pans (butter or oil and flour the molds first) for a two-layer cake.

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