How can i make a banana cake recipe without milk?

Your 4-ingredient banana cake recipe skipped a step. When do you add 1 cup of water? The instructions don't even mention adding 1 cup of water. I use coconut oil in this cake, but feel free to replace it with any light-flavored oil or your favorite vegan butter. It is important to mix the dough until the ingredients are combined.

Mixing too much will cause the cake to have a hard and unpleasant texture. Basically, you mash the bananas (four of them to get the maximum banana flavor), then add the sugars (half granulated sugar and then half dark brown sugar for a little flavor) and the oil. I use frozen bananas in banana bread and banana muffins with no problem, but the lack of eggs and so on in this cake may require the use of bananas that still have a firm texture. This best ever banana pie recipe is based on my mom's famous GF pumpkin pie (see the recipe HERE).

Now I have replaced the bananas with other fruits or carrots and mixed them with the spices to create a completely new flavor based on this great recipe. This banana bread has the right consistency and tastes delicious (most recipes are too crumbly or like fudge). So I wanted to create a classic banana bread recipe that would eliminate dairy and not lose any of the flavor that dairy adds to the equation. I've been making this banana bread recipe since the start of the pandemic and it's a fan favorite in my family of 6.

Madeline Jenquin
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