What type of nuts and seeds should be used in a banana cake recipe?

This banana cake is a delicious vegan one-bowl recipe made with mashed ripe bananas, walnuts and wholemeal flour. Tasty and a little healthier than traditional pastries, this quick and simple egg-free banana cake recipe is refreshingly light, soft as a pillow, and incredibly moist. By increasing the amount of oil and bananas in that recipe, I was able to make a light and soft cake. I also reduced the amount of baking soda and added chopped walnuts to make them crispier.

I've made a couple of different banana cakes before, my double chocolate banana cake and my perfect banana cake recipe. Everyone in my family enjoys this delicious and moist banana cake, especially my brother-in-law, who compares it to the ones he ate at the well-known Vienna bakery in Bombay. Because the ingredients in this vegan banana cake recipe are so easy to customize, you can simply stop adding sweeter products, such as sweetened coconut flakes, chocolate, or nuts. So if you have some ripe bananas at home, then mix them up and make this quick and easy cake.

By using the folding method, you will retain more volume and you will get a more complete vegan banana cake. If you make banana bread frequently, you'll notice that this banana cake recipe cooks faster than banana bread.

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