What type of yogurt should be used in a banana cake recipe?

Ingredients: 120 grams

) of butter, at room temperature, plus more to grease the can; 100 grams

) of superfine sugar; 2 large eggs, at room temperature. When I want to offer my children a protein boost, one of the first things I look for is yogurt. With protein and calcium in every bite, yogurt is easy to digest, making it a perfect snack, breakfast, or even dessert. Then mix together the all-purpose flour, brown sugar, white sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir until mixed. Pour the dough into the prepared bread pan and smooth the top until it forms an even layer. Yogurt is an excellent ingredient to add to banana bread and other baked goods. Keeps bread moist, tender and super delicious without using a ton of butter or oil.

For this recipe, you'll want to use plain yogurt, not pre-sweetened. I haven't tried Greek-style yogurt in this recipe, but I imagine it would make a slightly denser loaf, since it has less moisture than regular yogurt. Add the flour to a large bowl and also add the baking powder and baking soda. Mix well so that the ingredients are evenly mixed.

As soon as this delicate and beautiful creation was taken out of the oven, cooled, sliced and subsequently eaten, it was crowned as the best banana yogurt pie. If the top of the cake browns before the inside of the cake is fully cooked, cover it with good quality aluminum foil and bake for the remaining time until the inside of the cake is also cooked. I used Greek yogurt in this banana cake recipe to make a moist banana cake, but you can also use regular yogurt. Pour the prepared banana cake batter into the two prepared cake pans, dividing the amount almost equally.

Mix well with a large spoon, or you can use an electric mixer to mix the contents and make the banana cake batter. If the bananas reach the perfect ripeness for banana bread, but you're not ready to make banana bread yet, simply peel them, put them in a freezer bag, and freeze them until ready. While it's best to prepare the fresh dough for this banana bread with yogurt, the baked banana bread can be easily frozen for later. Preheat the oven for this tried-and-true recipe for banana bread with Greek yogurt and find more breakfast inspiration with healthy egg muffins, fruit smoothies with secret ingredients, and earlier.

The texture of the banana cake is a slightly thick dough, but you should be able to transfer the cake molds easily. As an alternative to banana bread, make the most of your ripe bananas with this gorgeous banana yogurt cake. As you can see, I already have this delicious banana cake which is another delicious banana cake recipe if you are looking for a smaller banana cake that uses eggs in the ingredients. We use the following ingredients to make an easy, delicious, moist and egg-free banana cake with yogurt from scratch at home.

Serve this best banana bread recipe for breakfast along with homemade crepes or pizza for breakfast and with a healthy serving of butter or homemade blackberry jam. If you are not going to serve the banana cake the same day it was prepared, you can store it in the refrigerator for another 3 or 4 days and if you want to store it for a few more days, you can freeze the banana cake in the freezer for longer storage. If you have a large family or if you are baking for friends or if you are having a party, this egg-free banana cake will serve you to snack on many servings at tea time. .

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